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Version 2.0 (published Sept 1, 2017)

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Version 1.0 (published June 2014)

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Harmonized core competency framework


Recruit, Train, and Retain the Best:
The Implementation of a Competency-Based Clinical Research Workforce Initiative

Rebecca Namenek Brouwer, MS; Deborah Hannah, BS; Christine Deeter, BS; Betsy Hames, JM; Denise Clutter Snyder, MS, LDN, RD

Clinical Researcher

Moving from Compliance to Competency:
A Harmonized Core Competency Framework for the Clinical Research Professional

Stephen A. Sonstein, PhD; Jonathan Seltzer, MD, MBA, MA, FACC; Rebecca Li, PhD; Honorio Silva, MD; Carolynn Thomas Jones, DNP, MSPH, RN; Esther Daemen, BSN, PG, PMP, MBA

Clinical Researcher
Journal of Clinical Research Best Practices
CenterWatch White Papers

Conference Materials

Joint Task Force for Clinical Trial Competency:
Competency Framework 2.0 & Competency Leveling Project
(December 2017)

Conference Slides

Core Competencies in Clinical Research:
Real World Applications, Convergence and Evolution of Framework
(October 2016)

Case Studies

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